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This is Ayfie


The Ayfie Botbot is an AI assistant working to bring you valuable insights from your texts.

Ayfie helps you with named entity extraction, sentiment analysis, summarizing and translating documents.

The Ayfie ready-to-use APIs help you extract insights from your data - so you can focus on what matters to you:

-Deliver better customer experiences with sentiment analysis

-Skip the hassle of summarizing long reports

-Translate between 100 languages

-Discover hidden insights within documents



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One or More Pieces

We have several different APIs you can test and use in your projects. Use one, several, or all; the choice is yours!

No Coding Required

Build and create using the coding language you prefer. All our APIs are code free, so you can focus on your work.

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Your feedback is always welcome! This will be a new journey together with our users, and we hope you want to join the ride. 

We would love your feedback on the API services